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Social Media Manager for a Coach

PPC University (PPCU)

This a business that offers PPC training and certification. I was their social media manager. Creating content calendars, creating content from scratch, scheduling, creating social posts with graphics, engaging with their audience, etc. Used systems like Socialmonials and Buffer, Trello for project management, and Discord for communication.

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social media manager, social media management

What I did

  • Implemented a content calendar across social media channels to keep PPCU organized and in sync with an 80K-member community and 10+ partnerships¬†
  • Managed tone, voice, and content strategy for PPCU across Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Planned, created, and scheduled social content highlighting available courses, discounts, timelines, member engagement, and updates from the community
  • Used Socialmonials and Content Studio for planning, scheduling, and posting content
  • Engaged regularly with community members and relevant hashtags across social media channels
  • Captured in-person content to populate social platforms in the forms of photos and videos
  • Successfully raised reach and engagement across platforms by ~35%